Cherry Arnold, Director, Producer, Editor

Cherry Arnold is an EMMY-award-winning filmmaker. She produced and directed the feature documentary, “BUDDY, The Rise and Fall of America’s Most Notorious Mayor,” about the former Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, that was released theatrically, then broadcast on television, garnering an EMMY. Cherry has served as a producer on a number of feature length documentary films, including the Oxygen Network’s, Sex:Female, directed by Louis Alvarez and Andy Kolker. Cherry’s production company, Big Orange Films produces feature documentaries and documentary style short films and commercials.

Cherry’s interest in Autism began with Susan Sheehan’s 2003 feature article in the New Yorker, “The Autism Fight,”. Over the course of four years and many books about autism later, Cherry recognized her twin brother’s social and communication quirks as likely undiagnosed Aspergers traits.

Allie Humenuk, Cinematographer

Allie Humenuk is a filmmaker and Emmy nominated cinematographer whose films have been televised nationally and internationally.  Allie founded AJP productions located in Cambridge, MA, a production company committed to producing quality documentaries for broadcast, theatrical, and educational use.

P.H. O'Brien, Cinematographer

Among PH's many director-of-photography/producer credits are Comedy Central’s 6 Days to Air, the South Park Documentary, HBO’s HOW'S YOUR NEWS?, Steve James' and Kevin Smith's REEL PARADISE, John O'Brien's NOSEY PARKER, THE VICE GUIDE TO TRAVEL, and Deborah Scranton's THE WAR TAPES.

Cob Carlson, Consulting Editor

Cob Carlson is a Boston-based film and video editor whose work has been seen on PBS (Frontline, Nova, American Experience, Nature), ABC, NBC, AMC, CNN, Discovery, A&E, The History Channel, Cinemax, and TNT. Cob edited FARMAGEDDON, which had a national theatrical run in 2011, BLAZING THE TRAIL, which played in both Europe and the U.S., ONE FAST MOVE OR I’M GONE, a documentary about Jack Kerouac, and DO DRAGONS REALLY EXIST, a soon to be released DREAMWORKS produced documentary.

Bernice Schneider, Consulting Editor

Bernice Schneider is an award-winning documentary film editor.  Bernice has edited numerous films for PBS’s American Experience, Frontline, Nova Science Unit, American Masters and Independent Lens.  Recent projects include the feature documentary, Rebel,  about the secret life of a Latina confederate soldier, and the politics of national memory, and Angkor’s Children also recently, a feature documentary about a grass-roots movement to reinvigorate the arts in post-genocide Cambodia.  Bernice received her Masters of Science in Visual Studies at the MIT’s Media Lab under the direction of Richard Leacock.

Laura Piraino, Animation and Motion Graphics

Laura Piraino is an animator, film-maker, and designer based in Boston, MA. She graduated with honors in 2008 from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her award winning thesis film ECT: The Story of Two Women has screened in film festivals all over the world, most notably the London International Film Festival and the Ottawa International Film Festival school competition. She currently works as an editor and animator on independent documentary productions and contributes to the MIT Media Lab’s Labcast video series.

Kenneth Malloy, Contributing Composer

Kenneth graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 2013. He counts among his biggest musical influences his teachers – Cary Brown, Matt Garrison, Charles Blenzig, Ray Santisi, and Vadim Neselovskyi, the composer Joe Hisaishi, as well as Frank Zappa, Fishbone (pre-2000) and Rush (1974 onwards).

Additional Cinematography and Sound

Halsey Fulton

Keith Heyward

Chris Simmons

Post Production Interns

Mandi Grattan

Simone Perot

Ariel Rhoda