Feature Articles about Autism

NY Times

Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World

Highly recommended reading, Amy Harmon’s 2011 moving feature about 21-year-old Justin Canha and his struggle for independence. The article also includes videos.

Risk Vs. Cause

What’s the difference between something causing autism versus increasing risk for autism? Martha Herbert, Ph.D., M.D., talks about how genes and environment lead to autism by an accumulation of “Total Load”– a pile-up of risk factors to the point of overflow.

Autism Project

Neurodiversity Forever; The Disability Movement Turns to Brains

Amy Harmon’s 2004 article about the growing movement by people who say brain differences, like body differences, should be embraced, and argue for an acceptance of ''neurodiversity.”

The Autism Fight

The Autism Fight

Susan Sheehan’s 2003 feature article in the New Yorker, “The Autism Fight,” a riveting account of Regina and Daniel Wagner’s six-year battle to get their 2 children with autism the therapy they needed.

Autism Project


Oliver Sacks’ article about Stephen Wiltshire, a musically- and artistically-gifted autistic teen-ager, and his savant abilities in drawing.